Option 2 $400 DEPOSIT Whole Cow Grain Finished $7.50/lb. for 450-550 pounds of vacuum package BEEF EST. $3600

  • $400.00
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Enjoy our local, mouth-watering Grain Finished Angus Beef at the BEST value! Order a Whole cow and you get to specify how you want it cut/processed. All of our beef is vacuum packaged. Lasts up to 2 years when kept frozen. No more settling for pre-planned cuts that your family may not prefer. Get it exactly how you want it! Just pay your Deposit online and we will contact you with our schedule for processing.

How your price is calculated.

****** Take home pounds = approximately 60% of Dress Weight ***********

Example: 800 lbs. dressed wt.* 60% Take Home= 480 pounds packaged * $7.50 = $3600.00 minus $400 Deposit = $3200.00 Due at pick up

All Inclusive pricing! NO HIDDEN FEES or SUPRISES!

Deposits are nonrefundable. Shipping is not available. 

Once your deposit is paid, we will schedule delivery to the processor. The processor will contact you at the number you provide to discuss your desired cuts. When the order is ready, we will contact you to arrange a time to meet at the processor, where the remaining balance will be paid in CASH or Venmo.